Step Mill: ""

Exercise mill with wooden fence and paving.

 Step Mill
Training Mill 4 horses
15 meter outside circle

The drive is a silent, powerful electric motor with integrated gearbox of high-quality manufacture. During the construction of the drive, an attempt was made to put simplicity first, whereby safety is of course central and while retaining functionality.

Drift fences
There is a choice of three types of floating fences: fully galvanized steel mats with a mesh size of 5 x 5 cm or half galvanized steel mats with a rubber flap underneath or vertical bars. The gates are hinged so that the gate can fold away in an emergency. A current timer is connected to the gates.

Control box
The Basic switch box has a screen on which the speed can be read. The speed can be adjusted continuously. With on and off button, main switch and emergency stop.

Posts: 250 x 12 cm
Beams: Larch / Douglas
Post distance: 160 cm
Clarification: Creosote or Ultrafix
Hoof strike: 30 cm high
Beams on the inside of the walkway with concealed wood thread bolts.
Single Huzen Poort, very sturdy in the same style as the fence, with extra heavy hinges and locks!

Professional pavement with clinkers.
Also possible in rubber tiles / mats

price indication complete exercise mill with fence and paving mounted:
22.000.00 including VAT

Other dimensions:
3 horses> 13 meters outside circle
4 horses> 16 meters outside circle
6 horses> 15 meters outside circle
6 horses> 16 meters outside circle
6 horses> 18 meters outside circle

Extra options:
- Irrigation system; system to evenly spray the horse track of the exercise mill.
- Program cabinet; extra option in control box with 5 self-adjustable programs for the grinder.

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